5.00 USD

Support the server by purchasing a rank to receive in-game benefits!

Important: If you are a member of our Discord, please login with your account when prompted to receive your Discord Perks.

Server Commands:

  • /afk
  • /back
  • /nick (no color)
  • /sethome (up to 3)
  • /workbench

Server Perks:

  • [Navigator] prefix next to your name
  • Up to 10 Auction House Listings
  • Default White chat color
  • Access to lime and green chat colors (/chatcolor)
  • Access to Rainbows and Raincloud Particle Effects (/particles)
  • Bypass 5-second teleport delay
  • 20 additional towny claim blocks
  • Bypass Auction House tax

Discord Perks:

  • Green Name Color
  • Custom Navigator Role
  • Access to Donator Lounge Voice Channel

Note: Features that are in development and not yet released include, but are not limited to pets, particle effects, disguises, and player titles. The Navigator rank will have exclusive cosmetics in these categories, which will be added once they are released to the server, and players of Navigator rank will be notified of the addition of such benefits.