About BonadonMC!

BonadonMC is a Minecraft server focused on the theme of all things aeronautics! Currently, we only offer our Towny gamemode with an in-game shop and other cool features. You can access various cosmetics such as particle trails, pets, and nicknames/titles by purchasing one of our ranks. More features are expected to be added as time goes on. 

Meet the Team!

3385a935e62d104d602ae110d7ee0a0702766543.png Donny F. – Server Owner, Head Server Builder

68b88db32af1fec3ffcd041a99da7853fa232bde.pngBobby K. – Server Owner, Head Server Technician 

4468f55b455d1caec5f3f91cc1965d27f41f6bb7.pngNathan H. Server Owner, Head Webstore Manager 

We are all based in the United States of America in the Northeast region.